Meet Feet Without Pain

For over 13 years, Feet Without Pain has proudly held the position as the largest custom-made orthopedic insoles and made to measure shoes company in Brazil. Our journey has been marked by transforming stories and delivering joyful moments to over 180,000 individuals who have found relief from pain through our orthopedic insoles.

Feet Without Pain: Changing Lives, Eliminating Pain

In 2009, when the company was founded, Thomas A. Case, an American businessman and the founder of Feet Without Pain, experienced debilitating foot pain and issues. The orthopedic insoles available in the Brazilian market at that time were handmade and lacked precision.

Dissatisfied with the options available, Case sought a solution for his foot problems in the international market. This search led him to the idea of bringing the best technology for orthopedic insole production to Brazil, aiming to provide the Brazilian people with something that could truly transform their lives.

Case embarked on a journey to Europe, visiting 14 companies across 6 different countries. Today, Feet Without Pain stands as the largest orthopedic insole company in Brazil, offering top-quality 3D technology for insole manufacturing. Customers who choose Feet Without Pain become part of a story that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the foot, ankle, and knee, conducted by specialists trained by the company. Moreover, Feet Without Pain products come with a 90-day guarantee. If the customer does not adapt to the insoles, Feet Without Pain will refund their money!

With a strong commitment to improving the lives of their customers, Feet Without Pain continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for foot health and comfort. Join us on this journey and experience the transformative power of Feet Without Pain.


Thomas Case, founder of Painless Feet, at the company’s factory.

2021 – The year of the made to measure shoes

Thomas A. Case is a true innovator who never ceases to amaze! In 2021, he took his business to new heights by introducing made to measure shoes, designed specifically for each customer’s unique feet. This new line of products has revolutionized the way Brazilians perceive footwear.

Made to measure shoes are the ultimate solution for foot pain caused by ill-fitting shoes. With a perfect fit, these shoes provide unparalleled comfort, allowing customers to stand for longer periods without experiencing any pain. Not only do they alleviate existing foot conditions, but they also prevent the progression of any pathologies. Additionally, the made to measure shoes offer enough space to accommodate a custom-made insole, providing even more personalized support.

Experience the difference of bespoke shoes and step into a world of comfort and relief. Say goodbye to foot pain and embrace the ultimate in foot care with Feet Without Pain’s tailor-made footwear.

Our Founder

Ph.D. Thomas Case was born in the United States, arrived in Brazil at the age of 38, and later became a naturalized Brazilian citizen. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, an MBA from Oklahoma City University, an extension degree in Management from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Business from the University of Michigan.

Before founding Feet Without Pain, Thomas Case was already familiar with the Brazilian market. In 1977, he created Catho, which later became Brazil’s largest executive recruitment and direct mail company. He sold it in 2006, but retirement was not in his plans.

At 84 years old, Thomas Case runs 4km on the treadmill every morning, wearing his custom-made insoles, and continues to lead Feet Without Pain, steering the company towards the future! He has no thoughts of retiring and aims to expand the company to all regions of the country. Currently, Feet Without Pain has more than 50 branches across Brazil!

Thomas A. Case has given media interviews, including appearances on Rede Globo, Small Companies & Big Business, RecordTV, ISTOÉ Dinheiro, Época Negócios, and Poder.


Thomas Case, founder of Feet Without Pain.

Organizational Philosophy

  • Always keep your word;
  • Be eternally dissatisfied with the results;
  • Compete aggressively, always keeping an eye on the competition;
  • Never stop investing continuously in product and services innovation;
  • To create professional growth opportunities for Feet Without Pain employees;
  • Actively involve employees, seeking their ideas to improve the company;
  • Seek not to harm Feet Without Pain members with streamlined processes and business strategies;
  • Read, read, and read, looking for new ideas and knowledge to improve the company;
  • Dare to take risks to take Feet Without Pain forward;
  • Be persistent and never give up looking for solutions to problems.

Our Factory

Feet Without Pain owns a factory, based in São Paulo, for all custom-made insole and shoe manufacturing. Thomas A. Case invested in 3D technology for printing the insoles. The factory currently has over 150 3D printers! As a result, custom-made insoles and shoes are ready in record time and are delivered to Feet Without Pain customers’ homes free of shipping charges!

Quality and Excellence

Prioritizing service and quality assistance, Feet Without Pain employees undergo continuous training focused on customer service and product knowledge. Both Feet Without Pain employees and franchisees receive training. The company also emphasizes the use of technology in all stages, from customer service to the production of custom-made orthopedic insoles. The entire process of evaluating and manufacturing the insoles is conducted in a digital environment.


Thomas Case, founder of Feet Without Pain, at the company’s factory.

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