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Our custom-made sneakers are completely tailored to the needs of the feet, perfectly matching the shape of each person’s foot and walking style. With them, comfort is greatly enhanced due to the care taken in their production.

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Why use custom shoes?

Wearing shoes that are smaller than the ideal size ends up squeezing the feet, causing discomfort, difficulty in walking correctly, and increasing the risk of injuries such as claw toe, bunions, among others. On the other hand, if there is too much room in the shoes, the movement of the feet inside the footwear can lead to calluses and blisters on the toes, sole of the foot, and back of the heel. Custom-made sneakers solve this dilemma by being uniquely designed to fit the shape of each individual’s foot. Anyone who wants to have a comfortable option in their closet can use custom-made sneakers, especially those who have difficulty choosing the right shoe size to buy. Feet Without Pain shoes are made with millimeter-precision digital technology, taking into consideration all the details of each person’s feet. Now, let’s look at other benefits of custom-made shoes:

  • Perfect fit for wide feet;
  • Increased comfort;
  • Standing longer without Pain or discomfort;
  • Prevention of disease progression;
  • Ideal space to fit a custom insole.


Production Process

The manufacturing of custom-made sneakers is done with cutting-edge technology to ensure precise construction. The details, shape, and type of foot are obtained using 3D scanning, guaranteeing that the design of the shoe is perfect for the size and curves of the feet. The model is digitally created based on your 3D foot scan and printed using 3D printers. Afterwards, the assembly of the shoe perfectly follows this model developed exclusively for you.


Foot problems caused by tight shoes

Pay attention! Pain can be the first sign that your footwear is not suitable for your feet and may be causing harm. It can press against the skin, causing injuries, and put pressure on the bones, leading to more serious pathologies and injuries. Wearing tight shoes can harm the nails, damage the foot joints, and lead to toe deformities. Additionally, tightness forces the foot out of alignment. As a result, pain and bunions can develop. Therefore, it is important to consider shoe size: ideally, there should be enough space for the toes to move freely, but not too loose. The correct length and width are crucial. If it’s too tight on the sides, it can cause pain in the metatarsals, the development of overlapping toes, and calluses.


Does custom-made sneakers alleviate foot pain?

Custom-made sneakers address discomfort related to shoe size, as well as prevent the development of deformities caused by shoes that are either too tight or too loose. In the case of complex pathologies and problems, it is recommended to use custom-made sneakers along with custom-made insoles for better joint alignment and pressure distribution. To learn more about custom-made insoles, click here.


Custom-made shoes and orthopedic insoles

Custom-made shoes eliminate the pain caused by conventional shoes, which are often tight and uncomfortable. To alleviate pain caused by pathologies, it is ideal to use custom-made shoes with custom-made insoles that redistribute pressure on the sole of the foot and align the joints. To learn more about insoles, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How to purchase your custom shoe or insole?

It’s fast and easy! Schedule a free evaluation of your feet with our specialists to buy your custom-made shoe. Call, send a message to WhatsApp at 4003-8883, or visit: www.pessemdor.com.br/sapatosobmedida/agendamento.

How does the evaluation work?

Upon arriving at a Feet Without Pain branch office, you will be received by a foot, ankle, and knee specialist, who will then fill out a registration form and answer some questions about your Pain. Next, the assessment of the feet begins. The specialist will perform an anamnesis on your feet to understand your pains and complaints. Then, using the high-precision 3D scanner device, the specialist captures your feet’ measurements. We are the only company with a 3D scanner for designing custom shoes. First, with the measurements of your feet, a mold is created using 3D printers, and after that, we start making your shoe.

How long does it take for the shoes and insoles to be ready?

Feet Without Pain produces custom-made shoes in up to 3 days; then, they are sent to your home free of charge!

Is the evaluation free?

Our assessment is completely free! We perform a complete analysis of your feet and legs, and you pay nothing for it!

Do we accept medical insurance?

We do not work with insurance because our assessment is completely free! But you can check if your plan somehow refunds you regarding the shoes!

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