Editorial Values

The public is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to educate and share information about health and quality of life. Our purpose is to solve your pain!

We are committed to creating high-quality, informative, and educational content produced only by healthcare professionals. The content we create follows the highest editorial and ethical standards.

It is crucial to be responsible, honest, and fair in everything we do, respect our readers’ and customers’ privacy, and never offend anyone.

Content selection criteria

A content team of health professionals was created to answer all questions from our readers and inform them about health issues. Themes and subjects are evaluated, selected, and studied by them. After the content is studied, articles are written based on scientific evidence available in the literature, including peer-reviewed articles and technical books.

Content Integrity

Painless Feet cares about the quality of the content it produces. That is precisely the reason the authors are qualified health professionals and specialists in their fields.

All publications are rigorously reviewed and updated according to new developments in the health field to ensure the best content for our audience.

In case of doubts or problems related to the Painless Feet website use, information, or copyrights, you can contact the company through e-mail: atendimento@psdbrasil.com.br